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{ Cole }


Add a touch of modern luxury to your house with this cube minimalist concrete pen holder! All your friends are going to want one after they see it in your house. 


Since each item is handmade they will all be unique and not exactly as pictured. Concrete tends to have a mind of its own when it is poured so the pots may have bubbles and variations, we try to keep these to a minimum be we can assure you that each pot will definitely have its own personality! All air plants will be roughly the same size and shape but may also be slightly different then what is pictured. Concrete takes about 2 days to completely set so take that into account when purchasing :)

  • Height: 2.25"
    Width: 2.25"


    Concrete is an amazing material, Ancient Romans had the right idea when they first developed it as a building material using lime, water and volcanic ash. It is versatile, modern and its neutral color make it look great on just about anything like a windowsill, bookshelf, desk, or tabletop.

    Each concrete planter is hand poured, cured and sealed before each plant is carefully picked to ensure the best possible match. We absolutely love making and having these little guys around so we hope you love them as much as we do!


    We also line the bottom of each pot with cork to avoid it from causing any damage or scratching to your surfaces. We package each pot in a box with recycled shredded cardboard as well as bubble wrap to make sure your planters have a safe journey.